Coaching Packages Now Available!

Do you dream of writing a book, yet somewhere along the journey you’ve gotten stuck? Have you written a chapter or two but don’t know where to go from here?

I’d love to help! I’m currently offering 3-hour and 5-hour coaching packages. Just fill out an intake form, and together we’ll decide whether three hours or five hours would best fit your project. I’ll read your chapter(s) and provide feedback that both celebrates your strengths and offers guidance for areas you can improve.

With these coaching packages, you don’t need to have the whole book written before reaching out for help. If you’ve written a chapter or two — or even part of a chapter — you have something to build on. We can work together to re-energize your writing project and get that completed manuscript in your hands.

Click here to fill out an intake form and start a conversation about which package is right for you. Or you can email me at