From Jacob Sims, country director for International Justice Mission Cambodia and author of the upcoming memoir WanderLOST: Stories from the Winding Road Toward Significance:

Elizabeth served as a content editor for my first book, and I was completely thrilled by her work. She substantially improved the clarity and readability of the text and asked helpful questions throughout the process which honed my thinking and strengthened my written work. She was incisive with her edits (but also kind) and worked with complete professionalism. Her rates were reasonable, and her turn-around time was speedy. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat!

From Bethann Miller, author of The Invitation: Keys to Strengthen Your Marriage and founder and director of Safe Place, a ministry that provides pastoral care for those serving in ministry and missions:

I worked with Elizabeth on my first book, titled The Invitation: keys to strengthen your marriage. As a first-time author, I appreciated her careful guidance and attention to what I wanted. She took the time to make sure it was “my voice” that was coming through in the wording and sentence structure. I found Elizabeth to be both professional and personable to collaborate with. I would highly recommend her (and I have) to folks who are looking for a professional editor to work with. I will most certainly be working with her again on my next book!

From Megan Norton, author of Belonging Beyond Borders: How Adult Third Culture Kids Can Cultivate a Sense of Belonging and intercultural speaker, trainer, and consultant:

Throughout the editing process, Elizabeth not only sharpened my writing but also championed my message. When I felt insecure about moving forward with my manuscript, she encouraged me to press on as she personally relates to and grasps the content and purpose of the book as an Adult TCK and one that has raised TCKs. Elizabeth challenged with care and gave actionable advice in areas that I could clarify and expand on. Her extraordinary attention to detail elevated the flow and consistency throughout each chapter. She is a kind, patient, and efficient editor!

From Lauren Wells, founder of TCK Training and author of Unstacking Your Grief Tower: A Guide to Processing Grief as an Adult Third Culture Kid:

Elizabeth’s editing brought my manuscript to life. She maintained my voice and content while providing the technical editing that helped the sentences to flow as clearly as possible.  I appreciated her stark attention to detail while still being cognizant of the big picture and how the details fit within that context. She took my work from good to great and was a joy to work with every step of the way!

From Elizabeth Vahey Smith, COO of TCK Training and author of The Practice of Processing: Exploring our emotions to chart an intentional course:

Elizabeth was a tremendous help in transforming my manuscript into a book. She would comb out tangles in the text until the concepts could shine with clarity. Throughout the process, she would edify – teaching me the things to look for to elevate my writing – and encourage – dropping thoughtful and kind comments on my content. She’s a wonderful editor, helping to hone the writing into excellence, while graciously caring for the writer throughout the journey.

From Jacqueline Scott, author of Beauty in the Broken: A meander through the book of Jeremiah for group or personal retreat:

I wrote an article that was a bit lacking in coherence and Elizabeth offered her services to help bring it together in a way I didn’t see it needed.  It was such an improvement. Then when I felt the need to have my next book edited, I naturally thought of her with her keen eye for detail and clarity. She is very encouraging and understanding. Her patience with my project gave me ample time to think things through, as well as honor her time commitments. I so appreciate her spirit and her push to excellence.

Katherine Catcher, author of King Joshua’s Mighty Princess Warriors: Elmira’s Journey Home:

Elizabeth did an amazing job of editing my first two installments in a preteen series of adventure stories. She used all her editing skills, from grammar to word choice and flow of the stories. She was an invaluable partner in the completion of my first two books, and I look forward to a continued partnership as I complete the series.

From Abigail Alleman, writer at A Life Overseas and author of a recent memoir on faith and mental illness:

With ease and clarity, Elizabeth has brought much needed attention to my writing. She has the ability to highlight my voice without diminishing it. I appreciate her graceful, encouraging touch and patience as she does thoughtful, top-notch work on my pieces of writing!

From Emmy Lou Lopez, writer at A Life Overseas:

Elizabeth does a masterful job of helping writers get the crux of their writing to the front and center, and she tightens up the periphery of supporting thoughts by cutting away the fluff while making sure the writer’s voice is still heard. She has the uncanny ability to clean up sentences and clarify thoughts in a way that helps the writer feel confident in their work and makes the writing itself smooth and clear.

From my experience with Elizabeth, I believe her greatest editorial strength is her ability to suggest sizable changes and cuts without making the writer feel like a failure. In the delicate balance that is editing work without breaking the writer, Elizabeth comes with a kindness and professionalism that feels authentic and completely approachable.

From Alyson Rockhold, ghostwriter, former medical missionary, and writer at A Life Overseas:

Elizabeth is an amazing editor! She works closely with the writer and gives very helpful feedback. Her edits made my writing shine. She was also very encouraging and kind throughout the editing process. I highly recommend her!

From Marilyn Gardner, writer and leader at A Life Overseas, author of One Cup at a Time: Recipes for Recovery, as well as two other books on cross-cultural living:

Elizabeth takes in the whole message and works with the details, helping to craft stories that are clear and readable, always reflecting and enhancing the true voice of the writer. She’s not afraid to challenge or praise. 

Whether you struggle with clarifying your message or getting rid of the baggage of extraneous sentences and paragraphs, Elizabeth will work with you and gently push you into better writing and a completed essay or book that you somehow know reflects your best work. In my own writing journey, I have loved working on my writing with Elizabeth and look forward to more future projects.

From Julie Jean Francis, author of Bowing Low: Rejecting the Idols Around Us to Worship the Living God:

As I neared the end of my book writing process, I realized I needed that extra bit of help and encouragement to make my book a reality. Elizabeth provided just what I needed to make my dream of publishing a book a reality. 

She was thorough in her editing, but also understanding and gentle. She provided both technical editing suggestions as well as topic and voice suggestions, giving just the right amount of criticism and encouragement. 

Elizabeth worked around my own deadlines and provided timely, professional services that were affordable. Her editing improved my writing without overtaking it or changing it (a problem I had with other editors in the past). 

I am grateful to have hired Elizabeth to edit my book for me as I prepared it for publishing. I know I would not have been as motivated to finish the book without her insight and encouragement. She did an excellent job and worked with me to ensure the final product was my best work.

From Christina Miyano, author of When God Leads and I Dare to Follow:

When I was writing a book, Elizabeth Trotter was kind enough to scrutinize my work. She challenged my word choices and helped me to form a better understanding of my voice, my audience, and especially, my intended message. Her critical eye helped to hone my work and better the final copy that went to print.

Without her analysis, my work would have been lacking in precision and, in several areas, lacking in depth. I am very blessed and grateful for her honest and scrupulous advice for editing and revision — to make something mediocre into something much more.