We need your help

So many of you have given so much over the last seven years. Thank you! There is certainly no way we could be here without your generosity and your prayer support. We are grateful for you every day.

What follows is a request. It’s a request for additional monthly support so that we can keep doing what we feel like God’s called us to do.

And it’s a request for one-time donations so that we can pay for tickets to come visit you in May, 2018.

But first, I want to share from my heart; I want you to feel what it feels like here in Southeast Asia. Because when you give, you join with us in a very real way…

You join what God is doing here and around the world.

When the lonely missionary mom-of-littles reaches out from Brazil or Iraq, when the church planter from a closed nation in Asia finds emotional healing and new freedom, when two thousand articles per day get read by people from all over the world, you’re part of it.

When nineteen people get baptized on a Sunday, when I sit with a couple whose marriage might not make it, even though their calling is real, when I sit with a child whose emotional struggles might lead the family to leave the field prematurely, you’re a part of it.

When I fly to Laos or Siem Reap or Chiang Mai to teach or counsel, when I Skype with someone in Australia or Iowa or a distant province in Cambodia, you are fueling it. You are enabling it. You’re a part of it.

When The Shapes Diagram gets viewed over 4,000 times or used in a college classroom in Arkansas or taught to twenty Cambodian leaders, or when you hear that it was helpful to a small Bible study group in Guatemala, you helped do that. You’re a part of it.

When forty Cambodian believers and thirty cross-cultural workers spend a month learning the basics of Christian counseling and pastoral care, when they learn about comforting those who mourn, when you watch them using their new skills to really empathize with a hurting person, you helped train them. You’re a part of it.

When I debrief a young adult whose day job is working with survivors of horrific sexual abuse and trafficking, you’re a part of it. When I hear about the poverty and the corruption and when I talk with clients about the necessity of the Psalms in a missionary’s life, you’re teaching too. You’re a part of it.

We believe that God isn’t done with this ministry of healing and reconciliation.

We’re asking you to prayerfully consider staying a part of it.

Also, we’re asking you to prayerfully consider inviting others to be a part of what God is doing here and around the world.

Keep reading to find out how.


We need to purchase tickets for our upcoming furlough (May, 2018) and we don’t have enough money. That’s the short story. We’re really looking forward to spending the summer with ya’ll, but we have to get there first!

We need to raise $9,000 in the next two months. That would cover our furlough tickets as well as help pay for our flights to a conference we’re speaking at in January.

“But I thought you set aside money for furlough each month?”
We did. We had some financial margin and some funds set aside for airfare, but several things slowly ate that margin and it disappeared.

  • Obamacare. The changes to healthcare laws forced Team Expansion to change their rules, which costs us more.
  • Team Expansion: I was asked to help at a conference for missionaries in Europe. That airfare was not budgeted for.
  • Team Expansion: Every missionary family is required to attend a field conference with Team Expansion every three years. We went to Thailand this past Spring.
  • Broken air conditioner. Due to power issues, one of our a/c units got fried.
  • Bed bugs. In trying to deal with bed bugs, we bought a clothes dryer.
  • Car rental. Due to increasing safety concerns in Phnom Penh traffic, we started renting a car rather than taking a tuk-tuk for long distances.
  • We said yes to speaking at a regional conference for missionary and cross-cultural workers in Thailand. The event is paid for, but we have to cover airfare.

So yeah, we need you.

We need to raise additional monthly support.
We’ve “raised money” before, but each time that was just to get back up to fully funded (or 100% of our budget). In January 2017 we sent out an e-mail about raising our budget for the first time in seven years. A couple of you responded, but we’re still short each month. We need to raise an additional $600 per month.

Remember, our budget is not all personal income. A lot of it goes to ministry expenses, including airfare, trainings, our kids’ education, our monthly “team share” that goes to the home office of Team Expansion, etc. Our personal income is much smaller than the total amount given each month.

The vast majority of our support comes from individuals, not churches, so any bit helps. Some people give $20/month, some give $200.


How to help:

  • Give via Paypal (Tax deductible. The money is deposited into the Team Expansion account that we manage.)
  • Give by check or bank transfer (tax deductible).
  • Start your Amazon shopping here. (We get 4-6 percent of the purchase price.)
  • Commit to give monthly, and let us know so we can see where we’re at.
  • Advocate. We’ll be Stateside in May of 2018, but until then, having some folks “on the ground” who care about Cambodia and what God’s doing on this side of the planet is huge. Talk to your church leaders. Tell your friends. Share this page. If they want to know more about who we are, send them here.


Four More Years
At this point, our tentative plan is to stay in Cambodia for four more years, and then reassess. At that time, Nathaniel will be transitioning back to college and we will most likely do a year-long furlough in America. We will have been in Cambodia about ten years and want to take some time to see what next steps God might have for us. Of course, that could include staying in Cambodia, but it might not.

All that to say, we definitely want to stay here for that much longer, but we can’t do it without additional support.

And we can’t make it back to the US without your support. Please prayerfully consider, and thanks for reading this far!

all for ONE,
Jonathan & Elizabeth