Elizabeth and I have participated in a variety of workshops and interviews over the years. Here are some of them…

Investing in Marriage Abroad via Global Trellis.

“Marriages are not meant to be endured. They are to be enjoyed! In this workshop Jonathan and Elizabeth share four practical tools that you can start using today to experience more connection and joy in your marriage abroad.”

Recalculating to Change via Global Trellis.

Join Jonathan Trotter as he equips you with theological insights and practical tools for the expected (and unexpected) changes this year holds.

Thriving vs. Surviving via Missions Pulse.

Here’s the full episode, with three excerpts below.

Part One of an interview via Shepherd’s Staff.

“This is part one of an interview with Elizabeth and Jonathan Trotter. The Trotters are missionaries in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Their ministry is interesting, diverse and far-reaching. In part one of our podcast, we hear from the Trotter’s about their call to the mission field and the beginning and evolution of their ministry. We are introduced to their writing ministry and blogging ministry that focuses on cross-cultural Christian service.

Part Two of an interview via Shepherd’s Staff.

This is part two of our interview with missionary counselor/blogger/authors Elizabeth and Jonathan Trotter. At the very beginning of part two of our interview, we talk about this article written by Jonathan Trotter. In the rest of the interview, as the Trotters give us the story behind the creation of their book, we learn that writing as a husband and wife team is fraught with peril. But the result is both healing and well received by their publisher and readers.”