What Good is That??

by Elizabeth

It’s such a familiar story, this feeding of the five thousand. I’ve known it since forever.

Jesus sees a huge crowd of people coming to look for Him and asks Philip, “Where can we buy bread to feed all these people?” When Philip only answers that they don’t have enough money to purchase food for everyone, Andrew points out a young boy with five barley loaves and two fish. “But what good is that with this huge crowd?” Andrew asks.

But what good is that??

What good is that?

This is something I repeatedly say to God.

“I offer you this, God. My life, my heart, my all.”

And then I turn around and faithlessly say, “but what good is that, with 7 billion people on this planet?” It’s nothing, not good for anything. You’ll never do anything important or valuable with that, I tell Him.

But Jesus is never in a quandary about how to use His created resources — when He spoke to Philip, “He already knew what He was going to do.” He already knew He was going to provide for the people. He already knew He was going to use a small sack lunch to feed the hungry crowd. He already knew He was going to perform a miracle, and blow their minds yet again.

He already knew.

He knew He didn’t need much from the boy, only a little bit. He knew a meager offering is all that’s required, because God Himself would multiply it.

And after He multiplies it, and everyone has eaten as much as they wanted, Jesus instructs them to “gather the leftovers so nothing is wasted.”

So nothing is wasted.

First He takes next-to-nothing from one of His followers. Then He multiplies it, filling empty bellies. And then — oh then — He scoops up the leftover bits of His miracle-working, and He wastes none of it. Not a single scrap.

So when I mourn over my offering to Him, grieving that it’s not enough, I should perhaps dry my eyes. I should perhaps remember instead. Remember that He is the One who gave me my loaves and fish in the first place. Remember that when I offer my daily bread back to Him, He will use it as He sees fit. Remember that He is the One who will multiply my small sacrifices for His own glory. Remember that He is the One who uses even the leftovers of His miracles. Remember that He is the One who will never waste my worship.

So when I tell Him still one more time, “what good is that, God,” perhaps I would be better served simply to still my mouth, to quiet my questions, and to wait. To wait, and keep watch for Him to use even the crumbs of my life for Himself.

Which is all I really want anyway.


He takes no pleasure in the strength of a horse or of human might.

No, the Lord’s delight is in those who fear Him,

those who put their hope in His unfailing Love.

Psalm 147:10-11


5 thoughts on “What Good is That??

  1. yes and amen. You are a seed sower. Taking the seed, holding it in your hand and then blowing it into the wind of his good will. Look to Jesus you say. Look to Jesus. And we are blessed. May your fruit touch his lips with pure pleasure. On my way to church now. I will know where to look. Blessings. ~Chris~

  2. Thank you. You are a seed sower. You take the seed from His hand and blow it into the wind of His good will. May your fruit touch His lips with pleasure. You say. Look to the Lord and I turn to say yes and amen. He gives me my seed and I too blow it into the wind of His will. Powerful. Beautiful. Real. I’m on my way to gather my seeds at church. You be blessed ~Chris ~

    • Hi Chris. I see that we both love writing about God’s word! And thanks for visiting and commenting here today 🙂

      May your week and your new year be blessed as well. ~Elizabeth

  3. What a beautiful/thought provoking article Elizabeth!! Thank you for sharing this today!! May you & your family feel His blessings all over you as you sacrifice your lives to give Him your all I know He Will do gr8 things in Cambodia in ‘2015!! Prayerfully, always Pam

    • Thank you, Pam. You are always so supportive of us 🙂 This particular blog post was the result of my staying at home on a Sunday morning on account of Faith being sick, and having some extra time to spend with God, alone. I was in quite a negative state at the beginning of the morning, but my time with God turned out to be really good 🙂 ~Elizabeth

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