Episode 1: Howdy and Who We Are

Well hello there!

We’re wading into the wide world of podcasting. Want to join us? Listen in on iTunes or Stitcher.

Historically, the trotters41 podcast was a place for Jonathan’s sermons. Those will still be there, but it will also be home to the occasional conversation shared occasionally. We’ll plan to talk about marriage, parenting, TCKs, church work, missions, food, and other stuff probably.

Have an idea or a question or a recommendation? Find us on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or gmail and let us know!

episode 1 draft

Listen to Episode 1 here or below:

2 thoughts on “Episode 1: Howdy and Who We Are

  1. Blessings on you and your energy to do podcast. I would love to listen in on some, my list is already pretty full so not sure it will be much. Just put my latest blog post out there, 55 years for Ace and I…incredible is all my mind can think, incredible. Why, because I know all the whole story, the good, the bad, the ugliest and the sweetest which is Jesus. I can applaud you enough on messages about marriages. Hardest job we have ever had and I know some don’t think calling it a job is true description. We have had some battles in the job force, ministry, raising children but the worst has come against our marriage. All the other parts of our life will suffer if our marriage fails. Blessings

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