A snapshot of life and ministry

Hey there, and thanks for being interested in what God’s up to over here.

You can find lots of info and links about who we are and what we do under our individual “about us” pages (about Jonathan, about Elizabeth). But if you’re new around here, let me fill you in on some of the bigger picture stuff that we get to do on our side of the planet.


Seeing the Hearts of the Hurting
I (Jonathan) provide pastoral care and empathetic coaching for “marriages, missions, and life in the mud.” I meet regularly with church planters, medical missionaries, country directors of organizations, people working in the anti-human trafficking sector, and more. My desire is for folks to be emotionally and spiritually healthy and for their relationships to stay on track so they can more fully engage with the ministry God has called them to.

A Life Overseas
Elizabeth serves as the editor-in-chief for the missions website A Life Overseas (www.alifeoverseas.com). I’m also one of the regular writers on the site. A Life Overseas is viewed around the world about 2,000 times PER DAY, or 60,000 times per month.
Visit A Life Overseas here: www.alifeoverseas.com
Check out A Life Overseas’ Facebook community here: www.facebook.com/ALifeOverseas/
Additionally, our writings have been printed or quoted in Christianity Today, Relevant, To Save a Life, Velvet Ashes, For Every Mom, FaithIt, Church Leaders, Huffington Post, Misunderstood, and more.
New Books
Hats, by Elizabeth
Serving Well, by Elizabeth and Jonathan
Team Expansion
We serve in the international services department of Team Expansion, helping to provide debriefing, training, and pastoral care for 300+ global workers.

Want to join us in what God’s doing here and around the world?
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When the lonely missionary mom-of-littles reaches out from Brazil or Iraq, when the church planter from a closed nation in Asia finds emotional healing and new freedom, when two thousand articles per day get read by people from all over the world, you’re part of it.

When nineteen people get baptized on a Sunday, when I sit with a couple whose marriage might not make it, even though their calling is real, when I sit with a child whose emotional struggles might lead the family to leave the field prematurely, you’re a part of it.

When I fly to Laos or Siem Reap or Chiang Mai to teach, when I Skype with someone in Australia or Iowa or a distant province in Cambodia, you are fueling it. You are enabling it. You’re a part of it.

When The Shapes Diagram gets viewed over 4,000 times or used in a college classroom in Arkansas or taught to twenty Cambodian leaders, or when you hear that it was helpful to a small Bible study group in Guatemala, you helped do that. You’re a part of it.

When forty Cambodian believers and thirty cross-cultural workers spend a month learning the basics of Christian counseling and pastoral care, when they learn about comforting those who mourn, you helped train them. You’re a part of it.

When I debrief a young adult whose day job is working with survivors of horrific sexual abuse and trafficking, you’re a part of it. When I hear about the poverty and the corruption and when I talk with clients about the necessity of the Psalms in a missionary’s life, you’re teaching too. You’re a part of it.

We believe that God isn’t done with this ministry of healing and reconciliation.

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all for ONE,
Jonathan & Elizabeth