Pay the Same (a feminist’s diatribe)

by Jonathan

Hannah’s mouth gaped open. My six-year-old couldn’t believe it. After learning that women often make less than men, even when doing the same work, and then hearing that some people make their adult daughters obey them until they get married, at which point “authority” shifts and they have to obey their husbands, she said with shock, “But women are people too!”

The discussion went on for a while, with Hannah asking for more and more details. She seemed pretty disturbed, so I told her, “Hannah, if you really feel strongly about this, write a blog.” Ten minutes later she handed me this…



I’m so grateful my daughter has a mother who exemplifies what it means to be strong and kind, bold and gentle, smart and sweet. Elizabeth, thanks for raising my daughters (and sons) to see themselves and others as equally valuable. I love you.

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