See, Be Overwhelmed, Go

That’s one of my take home messages from the National Missionary Convention.  Put another way, it’s…

1. See the need (the harvest)

2. Be completely overwhelmed at the magnitude of it and the lack of workers for it

3. Go, remembering that Jesus said the fields are ripe for harvest and that He’d be with you

We just got back this evening from the convention that was held in Lexington, Kentucky.  It was an astounding event and you’ll hear a bit more about it in a later newsletter.  For now, though, let me just thank you for praying for us and providing the funds for us to go.  (As you can tell, Isaac had a ball.)  


We stopped by Harding University on our way down and had the opportunity to meet with Monte Cox, Dean of the Bible & Missions department, and an old friend of the Allisons.  He was very encouraging and prayed over us, even introducing us to one of his honors classes so they could pray for us too.  (Isaac and Nathaniel were ecstatic; they had their backpacks and were totally pumped to “look like college students.”)

One faux pas of mine was mentioning to Elizabeth, as we were meandering through campus, that the next time we visit this campus might be when we’re coming back to drop our kids off for college.  Yeah, maybe shouldn’t have said that. At least not without Kleenex handy.  


On the floor of the Bible & Missions building at Harding.

Well, I best be going.  I’ve got 10 shifts left at the hospital, and I should probably get some rest.  Thanks for listening, and thanks again for praying!  May God consume us all with a passion for His glory, and may we be satisfied with nothing less.

One thought on “See, Be Overwhelmed, Go

  1. Love the photo of you guys at Harding! We have 4 just like it, adding a kiddo every time. And, yeah, comments like “dropping kids off at college” should just not be right now!!! I got teary-eyed, too!

    We’re so glad you guys had a good trip, and we can’t wait to hear about it…

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