Confirming the Call – by Elizabeth

Here’s an excerpt from our November newsletter.  To view the whole thing, check under the Newsletters tab…

Cambodia seemed like the logical place to go after I heard God’s call for missions.  Team Expansion only sends missionaries to unreached people groups (less than 5% evangelical Christian), and Cambodia hit the mark with less than 2%.  Plus, Christians aren’t violently persecuted there.  Logical, right?

But I have become increasingly convinced that though it may be a difficult field, I must go where the beautiful, scandalous Cross of Christ has not been preached.  The spirit of Buddhism and animism (ancestor worship) inhabit Cambodia; they are thickly oppressive.  Nationals are resistant to Christianity both for reasons of culture (to be Cambodian is to be Buddhist) and religion (karma ensures that one’s sins are punished personally).

I had become so convinced of this calling that when Monte Cox, Harding University’s Dean of Bible and Religion, asked me “Why Cambodia?” in front of his freshman honors’ class, I didn’t hesitate to answer.

They have not heard, that is why.

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