God of Angel Armies

by Elizabeth


We sang Chris Tomlin’s “God of Angel Armies” in church this morning. I’d heard it on YouTube before, but to be honest, it hadn’t done much for me. So I had no idea how powerful this song could be when sung congregationally. I lifted my hands along with 500 other people and sang:


I know who goes before me

I know who stands behind

The God of angel armies

Is always by my side


The one who reigns forever

He is a friend of mine

The God of angel armies

Is always by my side.


I’m part of the universal Body of Christ, and this God of Angel Armies is our God. He belongs to all of us. And we belong to Him. Later in the song we proclaimed together:


And nothing formed against me shall stand

You hold the whole world in your hands

I’m holding on to your promises


You are faithful

You are faithful.


I look around at the world. At Cyclone Pam in the South Pacific and the earthquake in Nepal. So much devastation, so many deaths. I think of radical groups across Africa and the Middle East and all the violence they inflict. I think of the strained race relations in my own country, of the history of prejudice and hate, and of the recent riots.

I think to myself, can this be true? Can it really be that God is in control here? That He holds the whole world in His hands? That He is faithful? That I can trust Him to be always by my side?

I do not understand. Yet I believe.

There is something powerful in proclaiming our mutual trust in the God of Angel Armies.

There is something powerful in proclaiming Truths we do not understand.

I still believe these things.

I believe He is faithful.

I believe He is always by my side.

I believe He reigns forever.

I still believe in the God of Angel Armies.