January Newsletter

Here’s an excerpt from the January Newsletter.  To view the whole thing, click here

Praying for the World – Elizabeth

This month we attended the Kairos course at Emerald Hills (Team Expansion’s headquarters in Louisville, KY).  It is required as preparation for the field, but I had no idea it would be so mind-boggling, or so personal to my spiritual walk.  My eyes were opened to God’s desire that all nations worship Him, a desire that reaches back to the beginning of the Genesis account.  (Seriously!)

Understanding the plan for the entire world to glorify God helped me see that having a heart for missions means having a really big worldview!  It involves not just the desire to see people saved from eternal Hell but the desire for all groups of people to adore God.  It involves not just great numbers of baptisms, but the formation of lifelong disciples of Christ.  And it gave me, a “lowly little housewife,” a place in God’s plan. 

Sometimes I think, I’m just a stay at home mom, what can I do?  But I learned that I can pray.  Not just pray for the sick.  Not just pray for myself and my concerns.  But pray for the lost in specific people groups across the globe to find Jesus.  I have a new vision now, thanks to my week at Emerald Hills.

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