LISTEN – by Elizabeth

[From our March Newsletter]

I posted my theme for the year – Listen — around my house.  So I’m on the watch for what God wants to teach me, and He seems to be drawing me to His Spirit.  I know He lives in me, and I’ve had an ongoing conversation with Him for years.  I ask for guidance, He guides. I ask for comfort, He comforts.  But I’m learning He is more than merely a candy machine, dispensing money or answers or happiness when I input some prayers.  He is Holy.  The Almighty God of the universe lives in us.  Sometimes I have forgotten what a big deal this actually is.  Let me also say that my education in the Spirit has been very humbling.  I’ve learned to reverence Him so much more – a powerful God who is not a toy to be played with.

God has always been there for me over the years, as a counselor Who I can trust, Who handles my emotions, and Who heals my soul.  But my relationship with Him as a person was rather emotion-less.  These past few months I’ve been on a journey to fall more in love with God.  I’ve gained this ridiculous longing for Heaven I’ve never had before.  Sure, I knew Heaven was perfect.  It was going to be fun.  But now, I see it differently.  God is there.  And I want to be with Him so much.  This world is so broken, but Heaven is whole.  God is there — that’s why it’s whole.  So I do feel I’m falling more in love with the Lord.  I am so grateful for all He’s done in my heart my entire life, and especially in this new year.  I hope to fall more in love with Him not just the rest of this year but all the years of my life.

P.S.  Some of what I’m learning I read in Francis Chan’s Forgotten God.

One thought on “LISTEN – by Elizabeth

  1. Hey there – I’m one of Jonathon’s Truman peeps :). I was so happy to see his “radio silence ends now” post, and started looking over your blog. Wanted to let you know how much this particular entry encouraged me. How much more we should all be seeking to fall in love with the Lover of our Souls!
    I will be in prayer for you, your family, and the plans God has for you in Cambodia!

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