Well hey there, and thanks for dropping by!  We’re the Trotters and we’re happy to meet you. 

As you probably know already, we’re planning a little move (to Cambodia!) sometime this January.  You’ll find all the other details (like “Why in the world?!”) on this site.  If you want the latest news, be sure to check out our most recent Newsletter.  

Thanks for dropping in, and may God bless you as you live all for One…

                                       Jonathan, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Isaac, Hannah, & Faith

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. HI, there i know this might be weird coming from a complete stranger, but My name is nathan(nathaniel) trotter. i read a bit on your blog here i find it very cool that you might move to cambodia but also your faith in God, so i will be praying for a safe journey for your family and all. May God bless your day and the days to come

  2. You guys touch my life for your humble willingness to serve God in such a beautiful way… Much love to each of you. Will pray every night before sleep for your care and growth. deb b

  3. It was great to have you here in Rolla again and to see your neat family. You have some great kids and you are going to be living a very busy and exciting life. Thanks for your report and for your faith that allows you to travel so far away to spread the good news.

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