To the ones who think they’ve failed {A Life Overseas}

Jonathan’s over at A Life Overseas today…


So, you failed to save the world.
You failed to complete the task of global evangelism.
You failed to see massive geopolitical change in your region.
You failed. Or at least you feel like it.

Good-hearted people in your organization (maybe) and your churches (hopefully) tell you you’re not a failure. But you still feel like one. You came home before you planned. Maybe for health reasons. Maybe for burnout reasons. Maybe you don’t need reasons. You were done, so you finished. You came “home.”

But now you’re finding home’s not home anymore. You knew for sure you didn’t fit in there, but now you’re very much afraid you don’t fit in here anymore. You failed there, and now you feel like you’re failing here. You want to believe that some good came of it. Or will come of it. Or something.

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One thought on “To the ones who think they’ve failed {A Life Overseas}

  1. Your post is a great comfort, wiping away the tears. I know those lies that there is nothing left for us, we have been stateside for 6years going back to our church plant every summer but cannot seem to find our place this side of the ocean. We are often discouraged, thanks for your encouragement!

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