Grief on a Spindle (a poem)

I’ve been hesitant to publish this poem, as I’ve never written poetry before, and it came out of a very dark time in my life. But I’m no longer in that dark place, and I now feel I can offer it up to my readers, who may perhaps share my experience. ~Elizabeth


Will You draw out my grief,

Spin it on Your spindle?

For my grief is hard to spin,

I always resist it.

It lies in wait, it’s been misplaced,

Matted up with rage and fear.

The coil’s too tight, the thread’s not right

There is no bending here.

This wool’s unfit for weaving,

My heart is unprepared for healing.

And my pain demands disclosure:

Is Love enough to form my skein?

So spin my grief upon Your spindle

Gently draw out yarn afresh.

Spin my grief upon Your spindle,

For my soul, it needs to stretch.

Spin my grief upon Your spindle,

I want to learn Your love anew.

Spin my grief upon Your spindle,

Clear out the muck that sticks like glue.

Spin my grief upon Your spindle,

Coat it with Your oil of Love.

Spin my grief upon Your spindle,

Weave a tapestry above.

14 thoughts on “Grief on a Spindle (a poem)

    • Hi Kate! So nice to meet you here 🙂 I’m so glad you discovered A Life Overseas!! It’s awesome isn’t it?? 🙂 Thanks for the link to your grief book; I’ll have to go check that out. And I didn’t realize until I clicked on your blog that you’d been on Velvet Ashes before too — I remember reading that post. Such great community at Velvet Ashes too, for women living overseas. 🙂 Maybe we’ll be seeing more of each other in blogging in the future . . .

    • It’s so true Cathy — sometimes grief has no words. In fact, much of this poem was penned AFTER a season of hard tears and crying, not during it!

      We believe God is near to the broken-hearted. So I pray you will feel His nearness in your grief, both now and evermore. May He keep you in perfect peace, and may He fix your thoughts on Him.

      Much love, Elizabeth

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