Facebook lies and other truths {A Life Overseas}

Jonathan is over at A Life Overseas today . . .


Have you ever created a fake boyfriend? Yeah, me neither.

One woman did, though, and while she’s no Chewbacca Lady, I still think she’s pretty awesome. You can read Ms. Smothers’ story here. Apparently, It only took one week and five easily stageable posts for Smothers to convince her followers that she had found love.”

Facebook, er, Instagram, lies. [And for the purists, Facebook owns Instagram, so the title of this post still fits.]

Ms. Smothers succeeded in convincing her followers that something amazing had happened: she had found love!

But it was all a ruse.

You can finish reading the article here.

One thought on “Facebook lies and other truths {A Life Overseas}

  1. People also need to be aware of things that come from rumors, misinformation, as well as, outright lies. The blessing of the internet also comes with a slew of things we need to pray about, keep one eye open and not take at face value.

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