When your husband calls you “a shell of a woman” {A Life Overseas}

Elizabeth is over at A Life Overseas today.


For months this spring I felt like a shell of a woman. I was empty and didn’t have anything to give. Oh, I was still doing all the “right” things. I was still getting up most mornings attempting to connect with God, and I was still relatively consistent with my commitment to exercise.  But I felt dead inside and couldn’t figure out why.

My husband noticed. Where before him once stood life and life abundant, he now saw a shell of a woman. He even suggested another round of counseling. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what to do about it or even what it was. I was unhappy in life and unmotivated in work. Was it depression? Burnout? What???

I felt especially dead at church. That was a strange feeling, because corporate worship has always quenched my thirst and nourished my soul and made my spirit come alive. But I just buried that newly incongruous feeling and ignored it. I tuned it out and refused to listen to it. I ran to the nearest screen and numbed out on TV and Facebook and solitaire games instead.

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2 thoughts on “When your husband calls you “a shell of a woman” {A Life Overseas}

  1. Thanks for sharing Elizabeth. I like reading your reflections and glad God is working to bring some light in your difficulties. I’ve been experiencing something similar. Doing all the right things on the outside but not feeling quite right. For me it seems that the more you are involved in ministry the more people stop genuinely asking how you are because they assume you’re spiritually well. Even when you try to share that you’re not…!

    • Yes it can be frustrating to keep those disciplines and not feel like they’re getting any results! And you make a good point here — we probably do assume those in ministry are doing just fine, and others assume that about us! Never thought about it in that way before.

      May you receive the listening ears, love, and prayer support that you need right now in your life, and may God meet you in those moments of not feeling quite right. Love, Elizabeth

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