Joy in the Morning | A Mother’s Journey, part 11

From the journals of Kerry Trotter

July 17, 1988

“Joy came in the morning,” with the birth of Corrie Trotter.

A perfectly healthy baby girl. I felt as if the Empire State Building had been lifted off my shoulders… such relief! I stared at her immediately after birth while they were checking her and just couldn’t believe how happy I was. I really feel like I am the happiest person in the world.

Heather came to the hospital about 1:30am and spent some time with us in our room. It was such a special time. We left the hospital at about 12:15 and got home at 1pm the same day. It was great to be home. I felt like it was a dream, that I might wake up and it would be over.


July 22, 1988

Psalm 25:17. God has freed me from my anguish, affliction and distress. I’m so happy. I feel so free. Free to walk, free to think calmly. I guess you can’t know such freedom until you’ve gone without it. It seems I had been without it for about fifteen months.


Part 1

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