I deleted Facebook. Sort of.

by Jonathan

I just couldn’t do it any longer. I couldn’t maintain an awareness of what hundreds of people are up to on the daily, and then meet with clients on the daily too.

I’m hoping it’ll mean I have more energy for correspondence, for conversation.

What a struggle! There is such a conflict between wanting to be “where the people are” and wanting to stay sane. I’ve made the argument. But when being “where the people are” means dying a little on the inside every day, what do you?

For me, I’m afraid that online engagement was making me like people less and less. It was also, over time, making me think less, read less, enjoy life less.

I’m not afraid of a good disagreement or a feisty discussion, but it’s just gotten to be too much for me psychologically, emotionally, and even spiritually.

There have always been people with whom we disagree. Even vehemently. But in times past, you interacted with those folks sparingly, and even if you interacted with them daily, you interacted with them in geographically confined spaces (e.g., the workplace). But now, we carry those people with us in our pockets. All of them.

Hundreds of folks go to the bathroom with us, spouting their opinions. They lay in bed with us, making sure we read their opinions right before we fall asleep. And we all know they’re going to be there, staring us in the eyeball the second we wake up. I don’t think I can take it anymore.

I wrestled with deactivating Facebook. I have a bunch of Facebook videos embedded on this blog and other places around the internet, and I’d like those to stay working. So I just changed my password to a random new one that I won’t remember. If need be, I’m sure I can “recover” my password and log back in. But it wouldn’t be a spur of the moment thing.

We’ll see how this goes…

all for ONE,

Jonathan T.

2 thoughts on “I deleted Facebook. Sort of.

  1. I don’t think I have ever thought about deleting my Facebook. I guess I am wondering what exactly caused you to get to this point. I do a lot of mentoring by facebook messaging and on purpose post only things that pertain to the Lord. For me it a way to communicate with like minded people. I have had a few that I stopped following. I try to be open and honest when ask questions and working with someone who needs an encouraging touch. I hope it works for you and helps you be more productive.

  2. GOOD FOR YOU!!! An excellent decision! We need you to be sane for the rest of us! I rarely read Facebook, and I certainly don’t have access to the garbage that you deal with. Facebook is the devil’s way to distract you from the good that GOD is giving you to do. GOD BLESS YOU!

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