Postcards from Re-entry {a new series}

by Elizabeth

For a while now, I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell the stories of re-entry. There are the big stories, of course. The ones that can take pages and pages and still feel unfinished. But there are ever so many little stories. Short little vignettes that capture fleeting feelings and everyday experiences. They are what I want to focus on in this series.

I’m calling it “Postcards from Re-entry” to designate the briefer and less meditative nature of these stories. They’ll capture my life, but not in a way that feels overwhelming for me to write or that takes too much of a time investment from my readers. I like to think of my blog posts as letters to my friends. So I’ll still be sending you letters, but they’ll (hopefully!) be shorter than my usual ones.

So look for the first installment soon!

2 thoughts on “Postcards from Re-entry {a new series}

  1. Your writings are beautiful! You express yourself so well and your words create wonderful visual images. I look forward to future postcards, and the longer letters as well.

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