Help Us Continue to Serve as Medics to Missionaries

Would you consider joining us as a monthly partner in our service to the Global Church? To donate via our Team Expansion page (preferred), please click here. To donate via PayPal, please click here

A monthly gift of $50 to $200 for the next two years would help us provide heart-focused ministry to missionaries and local leaders around the world. (You can read some client testimonials below.)

Your monthly support also enables Elizabeth to continue her ministry via A Life Overseas, providing resources to the missionary community and poignant articles that reach over 20,000 people per month.

Over the past eight years, I (Jonathan) have had the privilege of walking alongside hundreds of individuals and couples as they processed transition, grief and loss, abuse, relational challenges, traumas, and so on. Since we relocated back to the States in 2020, I’ve been able to continue that support-based ministry with our sending organization, Team Expansion, meeting with folks both inside and outside our organization. (You can watch Team Expansion’s president discuss my role in the ministry in the video below.)

It has been my privilege to serve as a sort of field medic for these missionaries.

I am currently meeting with clients in the Dominican Republic, the Middle East, Germany, Switzerland, Jordan, Central Africa, southern Africa, Canada, a closed country in Asia, Thailand, Cambodia, the US, and more.

This work is heavy. I’ve walked with a missionary couple whose young daughter was molested on the field, several folks recovering from terrifying home invasions, countless missionaries dealing with overwhelming anxiety and freezing depression. I’ve had clients who’ve been robbed in the streets or assaulted. I’ve had a client who was drugged in a public place and then robbed. Would you prayerfully consider helping me to continue to support people going through hard things like these?

Why We’re Asking Now

In order to get back up to fully funded (which is something we have to do about every two years and is required by our missions agency, Team Expansion), we are needing to raise about $1,000 in monthly gifts. This isn’t a personal raise; it just gets our ministry back up to adequately funded for the next two years. Some clients are able to donate for their sessions, which is extremely helpful, but the truth is, without the gracious support of the Stateside Church, this ministry would fail. A gift of $50 per month sponsors one article on A Life Overseas, a site reaching over 20,000 people per month. A gift of $100 per month sponsors one pastoral care and coaching session for a missionary each month. A one-time gift would help support things like a three-day training for local believers in Kyrgyzstan ($750) or a field-visit to meet with missionaries serving in Africa ($1,300).

How to Give

There are a couple of ways you can donate. First, you can give through Team Expansion’s online portal here. Or if you’d like to avoid processing fees, you can give by check. Just please be sure to include our account number on the check and envelope so that your gift gets into the ministry account that we manage.

Mail to:

Team Expansion

Account: 1103

4112 Old Routt Road

Louisville, KY 40299

Please let us know if you decide to set up monthly giving so we can track our progress towards our goal.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to visit in-person or via Zoom, please let me know. Thank you for considering, and may God richly bless you and yours.

all for ONE,

Jonathan M. Trotter

“Time with Jonathan helped give me a safe space to process and work through both past wounds and stressful challenges I was currently facing on the mission field. My sessions with him helped bring healing and health to my soul, and helped keep me going and serving through challenging times.”

A missionary leader in Cambodia

Jonathan was instrumental in helping us work through difficult marriage conflicts that could have taken us off the field if not resolved. His biblical council and practical knowledge about how to help overseas missionaries with their unique relationship struggles are invaluable! We struggled for 5 years looking for help before we found Jonathan so we can honestly say he is a rare jewel. We thank God for your investment in him and the way God used him to restore our marriage and keep us on the field. Two years later I can happily report that our marriage is stronger than ever, and we are seeing great fruit in our ministry. Over 100 souls have come to faith and been baptized this past year as the fruit of your investment in us through Jonathan’s ministry. Plus, it is a relief to live in a harmonious marriage rather than suffer the grief we experienced for many years. The restoration of our marriage will profoundly impact our kids and those we minister too. THANK YOU!

A missionary in SE Asia

“Sessions with Jonathan helped us have a better relationship and learn to communicate in a cross-cultural marriage.”

A Cambodian missionary now serving in Africa

“I spend my days constantly pouring into the people that I serve and my ministry. It is easy for me to feel empty after constant serving. Jonathan is one of the only people pouring into me. My sessions with Jonathan help me focus on what I need to get re-filled, so I can continue the ministry that I love! I also experience second-hand trauma quite often in the work I do, and my sessions with Jonathan give me a safe place to process and make sense of some hard situations and events that I have been a part of. Apart from my ministry, Jonathan has also helped me process some family transitions that have happened over the years and helped me make healthy boundaries with those I love. This has resulted in me keeping my family relationships healthy and in tact, amidst living across the world and during hard family situations. This has been one of the biggest benefits I’ve received through the support of these sessions!”

An NGO worker in SE Asia

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