Prayer Points

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Pray that God would raise up Cambodian men of honor and character to lead the young Church in Cambodia.

Pray against the spirit of idolatry and ancestor worship that binds the Khmer people in darkness.

Pray that thousands of Cambodians would follow Christ.

Pray for the young people of Phnom Penh, many of whom are chasing after material wealth as a source of happiness.  May they find the true Source!

Pray for more workers in Cambodia!  Workers to focus on the thousands of unreached ethnic Chinese who live in the city center.

Pray for more workers in Cambodia!  Specifically, pray that Christian therapists and counselors would come to Cambodia with express desire and goal to provide counseling services for the millions in this country who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Pray for the marriages and families of this country, that husbands would learn to love their wives as Christ loves the church, enabling the wives to trust their husbands.

Pray against the forces of spiritual darkness that cause so many young girls and boys to be abused every day.  Pray that the local Church (in Cambodia and abroad) will rise up to battle this horrible reality.

Pray for the missionaries that are already in Cambodia.  Pray that they will not lose heart.  Pray that they will have God’s vision for this place and these people.  Pray for their marriages and their families, that God would protect and heal.

Pray that God would bring clear vision of what the Church really is.  Many see church and/or religion ONLY as a way to gain authority, money, healthcare, food, without any sort of saving relationship with Christ.

Pray for Mercy Medical Center, a church-planting medical mission just outside of Phnom Penh.  Pray that God would continue to fund them and provide the human resources necessary.

Pray for a church-planting movement in Cambodia!

4 thoughts on “Prayer Points

  1. Blessings from Poland! God has put Cambodia in our hearts – we admire your ministry and pray for you and Cambodian kids!

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