Coaching Packages Now Available!

Do you dream of writing a book, yet somewhere along the journey you’ve gotten stuck? Have you written a chapter or two but don’t know where to go from there?

I’d love to help! With book coaching, I provide constructive feedback to celebrate your strengths. I also offer guidance for ways you can improve your manuscript. Together we evaluate your progress, set new goals, and brainstorm solutions to any issues that may arise.

With coaching, you don’t need to have the entire book written before reaching out for help. If you’ve written a chapter or two — or even part of a chapter — you have something to build on. We can work together to re-energize your writing project and get that completed manuscript in your hands.

Clients usually sign up for coaching in 5-hour increments, but you can also choose from 3-hour and 10-hour increments.

Click here to fill out an intake form and start a conversation about your book dream. Or you can email me at

Read what Tori R. Haverkamp says about my book coaching services:

Elizabeth helped me believe in myself.

I had a dream of writing a book for mothers of missionaries. I told God that I would provide the initiative if He would provide the inspiration. I created a space to write and sat down at my computer each afternoon. But, even with all these necessary elements in place, I couldn’t seem to make this dream become a reality. Until Elizabeth.

I found Stories Set Free, Elizabeth’s freelance editing and book coaching service, through a fellow missionary mama who was also working on a book for missionary parents. I immediately knew that Elizabeth was a sweet answer to my prayers for guidance. Because she is a former missionary, Elizabeth is intimately familiar with my subject matter and was able to ask great questions to help me to clarify my overarching message. I couldn’t have asked for a more qualified coach. Her expertise in word choice, grammar, and all things editing, allowed my book to evolve from a collection of personal musings to an incredibly helpful book for other struggling mothers. The accountability Elizabeth provided through the book writing process allowed me to develop the discipline and determination I needed to tackle a seemingly overwhelming task.

Until Elizabeth, I thought I might write a book someday. Now that someday is yesterday, and I have already done it. My story has been set free.