Resources for Emotional Health

Life on the foreign field (or anywhere on planet earth, really) can be hard, exposing weaknesses, straining relationships, and degrading defenses. It’s so important, therefore, that folks serving abroad pay attention to their emotional well-being. Many do not.

“I Have to be Perfect” Blog Series

Elizabeth has written a series based on Timothy Sanford’s book “I Have to be Perfect” (and other Parsonage Heresies), which looks at the lives of missionary kids and pastors’ kids, and whose issues apply to adults in ministry as well.

The Little Word That Frees Us 

“I’m Not Supposed to Have Needs”

“I Can’t Trust Anyone”

“God is Disappointed With Me”

A Conversation with Timothy Sanford

Articles Jonathan has written that touch on emotional health and well-being:

Anger Abroad

Please Stop Running

Missionary Mommy Wars

3 Ways to Care for the Heart of Your Third Culture Kid

3 Ways to Care for the Heart of Your Missionary Kid

The Idolatry of Missions

Outlawed Grief, a Curse Disguised

Don’t Be Afraid of Me, Please

When Grief Bleeds


margin: the wasted space we desperately need

The Journey to Feel Starts Small (by Elizabeth)

Recommended Books for Pursuing Emotional Health:

Healing Life’s Hurts, Ed Smith

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Peter Scazzero

Healing for Damaged Emotions, David Seamands

Series of Books & Blog Posts that Inspire & Encourage Elizabeth:

A Few of My Favorite Things


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  1. Hi. I like the value of a woman pamphlet, and see that it is in Khmer. I am currently researching what Christian materials are currently available in Khmer. So do you have anything else translated into Khmer

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