From Marilyn Gardner, writer and leader at A Life Overseas and author of two books:

Elizabeth takes in the whole message and works with the details, helping to craft stories that are clear and readable, always reflecting and enhancing the true voice of the writer. She’s not afraid to challenge or praise. 

Whether you struggle with clarifying your message or getting rid of the baggage of extraneous sentences and paragraphs, Elizabeth will work with you and gently push you into better writing and a completed essay or book that you somehow know reflects your best work. In my own writing journey, I have loved working on my writing with Elizabeth and look forward to more future projects.

From Lauren Wells, founder of TCK Training and author of Unstacking Your Grief Tower: A Guide to Processing Grief as an Adult Third Culture Kid:

Elizabeth’s editing brought my manuscript to life. She maintained my voice and content while providing the technical editing that helped the sentences to flow as clearly as possible.  I appreciated her stark attention to detail while still being cognizant of the big picture and how the details fit within that context. She took my work from good to great and was a joy to work with every step of the way! 

From Julie Jean Francis, author of Bowing Low: Rejecting the Idols Around Us to Worship the Living God:

As I neared the end of my book writing process, I realized I needed that extra bit of help and encouragement to make my book a reality. Elizabeth provided just what I needed to make my dream of publishing a book a reality. 

She was thorough in her editing, but also understanding and gentle. She provided both technical editing suggestions as well as topic and voice suggestions, giving just the right amount of criticism and encouragement. 

Elizabeth worked around my own deadlines and provided timely, professional services that were affordable. Her editing improved my writing without overtaking it or changing it (a problem I had with other editors in the past). 

I am grateful to have hired Elizabeth to edit my book for me as I prepared it for publishing. I know I would not have been as motivated to finish the book without her insight and encouragement. She did an excellent job and worked with me to ensure the final product was my best work.

From Christina Miyano, author of When God Leads and I Dare to Follow:

When I was writing a book, Elizabeth Trotter was kind enough to scrutinize my work. She challenged my word choices and helped me to form a better understanding of my voice, my audience, and especially, my intended message. Her critical eye helped to hone my work and better the final copy that went to print.

Without her analysis, my work would have been lacking in precision and, in several areas, lacking in depth. I am very blessed and grateful for her honest and scrupulous advice for editing and revision — to make something mediocre into something much more.