To the girl

by Jonathan

To the girl who is curious about everything,

To the girl who looks prim and proper, and who is, some of the time,

To the girl who knows how to parse protons and poetry, and is fascinated by both,

To the girl who laughs loud and long and often,

To the girl whose heart-thievery caused a smitten teenage boy to grow up into a gloriously happy man,

To the girl who loves math and astronomy and theology and chemistry and words and Bethel and hummus and Guardians of the Galaxy,

To the girl who is my editor-in-chief and best friend, adding commas and joy everywhere,

To the girl who loves babies and toddlers and kids and teenagers,

To the girl who holds my hand on the banks of the Mekong, gazes into the sky, and with tremendous passion whispers into my ear, “I can see Mars!”

To the girl who litters my bed and couch and floor and every other surface with books and books and more books,

To the girl who said yes,

Happy Anniversary!


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