Power in Praise & Corrie ten Boom | A Mother’s Journey, part 8

April 12, 1988

Went to a Bible study today. A friend spoke on Power In Praise. I needed to hear it today. I haven’t praised God for the present situation. In fact, I’ve been pretty grumbly. 1) The enforced sedentary lifestyle, 2) the difficult pregnancy, 3) my bad back, 4) my weight.

I know that even these must be put into thanks. God loves me and has brought me to this point. God has allowed these difficulties in my life. Here are the last two pages from The Hiding Place.

[What follows is a devotional that was included at the end of Corrie ten Boom’s book, The Hiding Place, with my mom’s notes added in. — Jonathan]


God wills us to give thanks. Our praise and gratitude in some mysterious way opens the door for Him to bless us as He wishes. On the lines below write down the five things for which you are currently most grateful.

  1. Mark
  2. Jonathan
  3. Kathryn
  4. Home
  5. Good job

Several times a day pause to thank God for these blessing; watch your sense of the goodness and love in the world—and especially of His love—grow accordingly.

On these lines, note five present situations for which you are most definitely not grateful:

  1. My weight
  2. Difficult pregnancy
  3. Enforced sedentary lifestyle
  4. Going through a pregnancy and not having a baby

Now set yourself the discipline of giving thanks daily for these things as well. See how God is able to use your changed attitude to change facts.

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